domingo, 16 de mayo de 2004


Después de tragarme la interminable votación de Eurovisión, y de escuchar el TRUÑO de canción ganadora (¿porque lo veo cada año?) voy a hacer otra de mis listas. En este caso, diez canciones al azar:

1. U2 - Please ('cause u my love i could never believe)
2. Radiohead - Paranoid Android (i may be paranoid, but no android)
3. Supergrass - Alright (we are young, we run green)
4. Jamiropichi - Supersonic (he's supersonic, i think he's supersonic)
5. Bjork - Unison (one hand loves the other so much on me)
6. Doves - Ther goes the fear (u turn around and life's passed you by, u look to ones you love to ask them why, u look to those you love to justify, u turned around and life's passed you by, passed you by again)
7. The Cure - A letter to Elise (I thought this time I'd keep all of my promises, I thought you were the girl I always dreamed about, but I let the dream go, and the promises broke, and the make-believe ran out... SOLO IMPRESIONANTE DE GUITARRA)
8. Weezer - Undone (The Sweater Song) (who I, I think, I sink and I die)
9. Ms. John Soda - Go check
10. Kulturni program - Easy driving

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